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A Healthy Trend: The Evolving Role of the Parking Manager

The role of parking and transportation (P&T) managers has evolved and today these professionals must also be able to think critically, manage assets and deliver financial results. Read more >>

Hospital(ity) Parking Enhances Patient and Visitor Experience

When discussing hospitality, one typically conjures thoughts of high-end resort experiences where everyone from the doorman to the housekeeper is commissioned to ensure the client’s experience is second to none. Employees within these establishments understand how their functions intertwine and align in an effort toward making travelers’ stays memorable. This same level of service, and therefore customer experience, is not only achievable, but should be commonplace within healthcare. Read more >>

Navigate the Special Needs of Healthcare Parking

Healthcare reform in the United States has motivated hospital leaders to take an intricate look at all aspects of the patient experience within hospitals. As these leaders continue to look for ways to be more efficient, productive and fiscally responsible, they are also working to enhance the overall patient experience. Read more >>

Is ‘Affordable’ Healthcare Affordable?: Impact of New Law Being Felt in the Parking Industry

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as the “ACA” or “Obamacare”) is perhaps the most significant upheaval in American healthcare since the passage of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965. Read more >>

Hospital Valet: A Vital Part of the Patient Experience

Not long ago, valet parking at healthcare institutions was considered a costly luxury. Today, with the transition of the healthcare industry into an outcome-based patient care system, the need to provide a positive patient experience creates the opportunity for hospitals to offer patients and guests a user-friendly parking option. Read more >>

York Hospital’s New Parking Structure: Creative Solutions to Complex Design and Construction Issues

Parking planning and design at hospitals is a sensitive issue which should be given a significant amount of consideration. Although parking is often the first thing that people experience when visiting a hospital, it is most likely the last thing that they are thinking about. Hospital parking facilities should not only create a good first impression, but they must also provide safe, convenient, and adequate parking options for employees, patients, and visitors. Read more >>

Pay Attention to These 3 Components of Hospital Parking

In hospitals, there is so much more going on besides the business of parking. As parking professionals, our job is to make sure the focus stays on the business of health care, and not parking. Our work must be efficient, effective and behind the scenes as much as possible. To do this in a hospital, there are three basic areas to understand and concentrate your efforts. Read more >>

How Will Mobile Impact the Medical Center Market?

The parking world is aflutter with mobile buzz. There is little doubt that mobile’s ongoing revolution has already begun to impact many segments of the parking industry.But other than parking 2.0 applications like pay-by-phone, we have yet to see if mobile technology will dramatically impact the way parking operations function inside niche markets. Many parking professionals wonder how mobile might impact the hospital and medical center market. Read more >>

How-To Guides

5 Keys to Traffic Demand Management

Traffic Demand Management (TDM) typically refers to a diverse group of programs and policies that seek to change how employees get to and from the workplace. Read more >>

Case Studies

Redefining the Patient Experience through Parking at Stanford Health Care

Stanford Health Care system is comprised of Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children’s Health, both of which are supported by the Stanford parking and access team. This team was overhauled in 2011 in preparation for the rapid expansion of the system, including the nearly double-digit growth in ambulatory visits and the increase in inpatient admissions. Read more >>

Patient Satisfaction Increases with Valet Parking: A Vanderbilt University Medical Center Case Study

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) is a leader in patient care, medical education, nursing education and research. Approximately 25,000 patients, visitors, students and staff park in the 13,000 available spaces at VUMC each day. To maximize space utilization, valet parking was introduced in 2005. Read more >>

Cleveland ClinicCleveland Clinic Parking CARES

In order to ensure vision alignment, Cleveland Clinic Parking Services’ mission is to deliver safe and convenient parking while constantly seeking innovations that enhance quality and service, while operating with economic efficiency and contributing to a healthy environment. Read more >>

Alta Bates Summit Medical CenterRaising the Bar at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center: A Watry Design, Inc. Case Study

With unprecedented access to reviews, empowered customers are rewarding companies that listen and shape services to their needs, and walking away from those who don't. Read more >>


St. Cloud HospitalExpanding Parking at St. Cloud Hospital

The Challenge: Increase Parking in an Existing, Complex Facility While Under Operation Read more >>




Integrating Parking into a Medical Center Campus to Accommodate Growth

In recent years, federal agencies across the U.S., specifically the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, have sought to restore and expand their infrastructure as a result of significant increases in their patient and staff population. Read more >>

Part of the Cure: The Expanding Role of Valet Service in Health Care

When valet parking services first began popping up on medical campuses across the country in the 1970’s, many industry observers thought it would be a passing fad. Today, valet parking is firmly embedded in the health care landscape. Read more >>


CCHMC Feature imageCincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center: Expansion Challenges Parking and Transportation Planning

Just five years ago, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) opened a new 11-story, state of the art research facility (Location S). Since then, research efforts and successes have exceeded expectations and construction is underway on a new 15-story clinical sciences building (Location T) that will serve as a strategic link between research discovery and clinical application. Read more >>

Hospital Parking and Patient Flow: A Scientific Approach

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center wants to be the best at getting better. Our vision is to be the world leader at improving child health through research, education and outcomes. To us, outcomes include a hassle free arrival and an easy departure from the hospital. Read more >>

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