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Revenue Control
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Meet Objectives and Increase Profits with Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic price discrimination is the ability to adjust prices in order to capture the marginal dollar of revenue. From classical economics 101, the theory is that as a public or private parking operator reduces pricing, parking patronage will increase. Dynamic pricing in parking offers several approaches available today which can be used to price discriminate in order to maximize parking operation revenues and profits. Read more >>

How Software Integration is Changing Revenue Control

Software is an integral part of our lives and for the most part, it works just like it should. Software powers our energy grid, computers, smartphones, automobiles, airplanes, some of our kitchen appliances, our computers our PARCS equipment. Read more >>

Parking's "Now" Generation: Best Practices for Integrating Revenue Control Systems with Apps

Mobile device use is increasing at a rapid pace. As of 2014, tablet and smartphone use has overtaken desktop and laptop use. Today, more shoppers than ever are using Internet searches and mapping apps to locate retail establishments, and are scanning mobile tags to access coupons both in advance of and during retail transactions. Read more >>

Beyond EMV Part 1: A Struggle for Dominance in Payment Systems

When your parking customer swipes a card, waves a smart phone near a reader or scans a Quick Response (QR) code, both you and the customer are picking the winners and losers in the ongoing fight for control of the payments industry. Read more >>

Tech Trends to Better Anticipate Future Revenue Control Needs

Since the majority of us use technology on a daily basis in order to conduct business, we generally believe that technology will continue to bring us new capabilities, on a decreasing price curve. That has been the collective experience over the last 30 years and shows no signs of changing. Read more >>

Mitigate Loss Through Deployment of Real-Time Occupancy Data Solutions

Millions of dollars are lost annually due to theft and fraudulent activity at parking facilities across the United States. Read more >>

Best Technology for Revenue Control

Revenue control is one of the most important facets of any operation, and new technology is changing the way people pay for parking. The revenue control technology you choose should be based on the needs of your operation or particular location. Read more >>

Don't Fire and Forget: Auditing Automated Operations

Parking professionals deploying automated revenue control solutions can’t just forget about their shiny new technology. Whether it is multi-space meters (MSM), pay-onfoot (POF) kiosks, pay-in-lane (PIL) devices, or even automated credit card transactions, every interaction between employees, customers, and payment collection systems creates an opportunity for loss. Read more >>

Your Keys to Success: Controlling Revenue by Managing Access

While managers watch the dollars on the bottom line, supervisor-level personnel can intercept the dollars before they reach the bottom line. All it takes is access to key-and-lock controlled devices and a lack of proper internal checks and balances. Read more >>

How-To Guides

Maximize your Operational Revenue with Technology

Maximizing operational revenue is always top of mind for any parking professional. There are countless technological solutions that offer to do just that, however it is important to remember what you’re really after— actionable information. Read more >>

Six Components of Revenue Control

It is easy for a manager to go out and spend thousands of dollars on hardware and software programs that manage your revenue, but it must not stop there. Here are six components of revenue control that must be considered in planning for any cash operation. Read more >>

Case Studies

Driving Business with Mobile Payments

The city of Bethlehem, Pa. serves the greater Lehigh Valley commuter population and has more than 75,000 residents and a large number of seasonal visitors. With a diverse group of transient parkers, the Bethlehem Parking Authority recognized a need to enhance the convenience of parking overall while controlling costs and revenue. Read more >>

City Park and Automated Valet Team Up for Automatic SuccessCity Park and Automated Valet Team Up for Automatic Success

City Park has installed AVPM technology from another NPA member, Automated Valet, with site-specific customizations for its operations at the Grand Hyatt, Stanford Court and Fairmont hotels. The automation provided gives City Park the power to maintain good service and tight revenue control. Read more >>

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