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Parking Industry News
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Stay up-to-date and informed on what is going on in the parking industry, evolving technology and issues that impact you as a parking professional, and your company.

March 23, 2017

RDU To Start Online Parking Reservation System By Jan. 1 >>
Raleigh-Durham International Airport officials say the airport’s long-awaited online parking reservation system should be fully implemented by Jan. 1, 2018.

City Council Approves Proposal For New ABIA Parking Garage >>
The Austin City Council on Thursday approved a proposal to build a $250 million parking garage at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Free Parking For Drivers 75 And Older If Bill Becomes Law >>
There are nearly 540,000 thousand drivers in Michigan who are over the age of 75, according to a the secretary of state's records. A new bill introduced in the state Senate would make public parking free for them.

Drivemode Raises $6.5 Million Series A for Smartphone-Connected Car Development >>
Mobile-based automotive technology company Drivemode today announces a $6.5 million series A funding round led by Panasonic Corporation, one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world.

March 22, 2017

Downtown Parking Fees Could Increase To Pay For Modern Technology >>
Downtown patrons could see a rise in parking meter fees and some parking garages.

Safe Parking Structures Mitigate Security Risks >>
While many hospitals currently have large parking garage complexes containing multiple levels of parking supported and protected by an extensive parking gate entry system and surveillance system, deploying these types of solutions in remote and outdoor parking lots can become a challenge.

ParkCloud Releases Mobile App >>
Having already affirmed itself as a market leader in the parking industry, ParkCloud is further expanding its options for customers by releasing a new phone app on the 22th of March 2017.

Park Assist M4 System Becomes the Only Patented Camera-Based PGS >>
Park Assist®, the company that pioneered the first camera-based parking guidance system (PGS), has announced patent awards for its M4 Smart-Sensor System in both the United States and the United Kingdom. This recognition of Park Assist’s proprietary technology has established the M4 system as the world’s only patented camera-based PGS.

How Did L.A. Spend $148 Million in Parking Ticket Revenue? Check the Data Portal >>
Los Angeles collected $148 million in gross parking ticket revenues in fiscal 2015 and there’s been a public push to lower the fines, which some see as onerous and arbitrary.

Microsoft’s Plan to Dominate Connected Cars >>
Microsoft has agreed to license its patents for Internet-connected cars to Toyota, its first such deal with an automaker and a signal that it may be willing to partner with others.

March 21, 2017

The 10 U.S. Cities Where Self-Driving Cars Make The Most Sense >>
The race to deploy autonomous vehicles won't mean much if cities are unprepared for the technology. 

Hyattville Revamps City Parking with New App, Meters >>
Today Mayor Candace B. Hollingsworth announced that the City of Hyattsville will launch its use of a smartphone app that will make parking easier for its residents and visitors.

ParkingSoft Joins with Smarking to Lead in Parking Analytics >>
ParkingSoft – the leading manufacturer of cloud-based revenue control technology – and Smarking, Inc. – the leading provider of business intelligence software for the parking industry –are pleased to announce a formal partnership.

New Michigan Law Regulates Rideshare Businesses Like Uber and Lyft >>
The Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs said rideshare businesses like Uber and Lyft will be state regulated the same as limousine and taxicab carriers under new state law effective Tuesday.

City Searches For More Parking >>
Even with a giant new public garage, a shortage of parking near popular restaurants and shops in downtown Morgan Hill is resulting in lost business and more headaches, according to some who spoke to the city council on the issue March 15.

March 20, 2017

MUHC To Lower Controversial Parking Rates As Of April 1 >>
For the second time since 2015, the McGill University Health Centre is lowering its controversial parking rates — this time to comply with a provincial order, the Montreal Gazette has learned.

The City Wants to Put an End to Philly’s Electric Vehicle Parking Program >>
If you live in a major American city and you own a car, parking is, undoubtedly, one of your biggest frustrations. But imagine if you have an electric car that you don’t just need to park — you’ve also got to plug it in.

Google Maps Adds Parking Reminders, Following In The Footsteps Of Apple Maps >>
You already have to keep track of so much during the day, and so your precious brain space ought not be crowded with petty information like where you parked your car.

Smart City Development Now A Global Phenomenon, Says Navigant Research >>
The Smart City Tracker 1Q17 examines the current state of global smart city development, covering the related aspects of the smart energy, smart water, smart transportation, smart buildings, and smart governments sectors, segmented by region.

After Omaha Parking App Upgrades, Drivers Will Be Able To Pay For Garage Parking, Reserve Spaces By Smartphone >>
The future of Omaha parking may lie in your phone.

Peters: Michigan Could Be Leader In Autonomous Vehicles >>
Autonomous vehicles are definitely coming by 2021 and Michigan could be at the epicenter of the artificial intelligence if domestic automakers are first in making the technology successful, U.S. Sen. Gary Peters said Monday.

Some Cities Are Better Suited for Self-Driving Cars Than Others, New Study Finds >>
A new study from INRIX, a leading provider of traffic analytics, has ranked U.S. cities based on a number of factors to figure out where their deployment in shared fleets could replace the greatest proportion of travel.

Coins On The Way Out For Parking Meters >>
The Halifax Regional Municipality is hoping a cellphone parking payment service will be a “quick win” for drivers with parking woes.

March 19, 2017

Waterville To Consider Leasing Public Parking Spaces For Planned Hotel >>
The City Council on Tuesday will consider leasing 42 of 60 spaces in a city-owned Front Street lot to Colby College for its planned boutique hotel on Main Street downtown.

Consultant Recommends Easing Parking Restrictions On Laguna Businesses >>
A consultant is recommending a significant change to the formula for determining how much parking a business in Laguna Beach, a city known for vehicular congestion, must provide.

How Parkopedia Became a Parking Data Powerhouse >>
“It didn’t take a genius to realize that if I couldn’t find any useful online information for finding parking in San Francisco, then drivers in Paris, Shanghai, and thousands of other cities around the globe were probably also struggling with the exact same problem,” explained Eugene Tsyrklevich, founder and CEO of London-based parking platform Parkopedia, in an interview with VentureBeat.

Parking Pinch: City Moves To Meet Growing Demand >>
Development projections downtown indicate Traverse City is on a collision course with a parking problem.

March 17, 2017

Park City Puts Parking Overhaul Into Drive >>
Park City is nearing a critical step in its plan to overhaul parking in the Historic District.

Bill Lerner - Discusses iPark Becoming NYC's Largest Privately Owned Parking Company >>
As owner and CEO of iPark, American entrepreneur and philanthropist Bill Lerner sits at the helm of a trailblazing parking enterprise based out of New York City.

March 16, 2017

How Smart Cities Are Leading The Charge For Transportation And Tech Infrastructure >>
The political landscape may be shifting in Washington, D.C., but when it comes to building the high-tech infrastructure for data and transportation, urban planners are thinking globally and acting locally.

Santa Monica Is Planning A Big Expansion To Its Airport Park >>
Santa Monica officials have been trying for the better part of a decade to close the city’s airport and replace it with a large public park.

The Cities Where Autonomous Vehicles Would Be Most Practical >>
A new report suggests certain travel patterns make some cities ideal for the technology and urges officials to start planning for it.

Smart Growth Study Finds Cities & Suburbs Requiring Too Much Parking Near Transit Stations >>
A new study released by Smart Growth America finds that, indeed, there is too much car space from parking lots being built around transit stations.

Million Dollar Parking Spaces In Delray Beach >>
More than a million dollars of public money might soon be handed over to a developer to maintain public parking spaces.

Keep The Change: New Downtown Parking Meters Accept Credit Cards >>
The City of Fort Wayne is installing parking meters that accept credit cards as part of a trial run that will test out meters from at least two different vendors.

Madison Finance Committee Approves $6 Million More For Government East Parking Garage >>
Madison’s finance committee approved an additional $6 million Wednesday to replace a Downtown parking garage after estimates for the project came in $10 million higher than budgeted.

March 15, 2017

Santa Rosa Considering 'Progressive' Parking Downtown >>
Santa Rosa is moving forward with long-discussed plans to set parking rates downtown based on demand, a move that would likely result in higher parking rates in the busiest business districts and lower ones in areas that get less usage today.

Kempner: Will Self-Driving Cars Give Parking Lots The Boot? >>
Will the rise of self-driving cars lead to a need for fewer parking spaces?

Ferndale to Explore Two Options for Parking Deck >>
Ferndale residents and businesses will now see two plans unfolding for the parking deck downtown.

Parking Woes Lead Business to Move From Downtown >>
Police recently stepped up enforcement of parking ordinances in downtown Muskogee as administrators assess other options to accommodate efforts to revitalize the central business district.

LocoMobi Announces Rollout of New Innovative Apps for Users and Merchants ParkingPaid and RideRefund >>
LocoMobi, Inc., the leading technology company specializing in cloud-based parking, transit and tolling solutions, is pleased to announce the introduction of ParkingPaid and RideRefund mobile Apps that connect customers "ready to buy" with local merchants.

Auto Industry Disruption: Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on the Future of Personal Mobility >>
Is personal mobility poised for disruption? Innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, are transforming the automotive industry with autonomous vehicles, connected cars and crowdsourced ride-sharing, creating a new transportation ecosystem.

Community Regional Medical Center Deploys TagMaster North America RFID System for Faculty and Staff Parking Access Controls >>
TagMaster North America, Inc., the leading provider of long-range, high-performance Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) deployed its long range RFID solutions for faculty and staff parking access for Community Regional Medical Center (CRMC) in Fresno, California.

March 14, 2017

The Transportation Revolution Is More Than Self-Driving Cars >>
Demographers, meanwhile, expect that by 2035, 70 percent of people will live in mega-cities with no room to expand roads or add parking. The companies that find solutions to these issues will make a lot of money.

America’s Failing Infrastructure Is a Serious Problem For Autonomous Vehicles >>
Ten years ago, the autonomous car was science fiction. Now, its adoption is inevitable.

Just What Is A Connected Car, Anyway? >>
In the simplest of terms, a connected car is one that has the ability to wirelessly communicate with other devices.

There's an App For That: Mobile Parking Payment System Comes To Grand Junction >>
The City of Grand Junction is going high tech when it comes to how you pay to park.

A Parking Meter By An Empty Lot? West Sacramento Parking Fee Premature, Some Argue. >>
West Sacramento has toiled for years to turn its riverfront Bridge District into a real downtown – a modern and densely-packed live-work area like the one Sacramento is trying to create in its downtown across the river.

Older Drivers Embrace Active Safety Features; Resist Autonomous Vehicles, According to Munich Re, US Survey >>
Older drivers are increasingly comfortable with and recognize the benefits of active safety technology, but they are still reluctant to relinquish total control to an autonomous vehicle, according to a nationwide survey by Munich Re, US of drivers age 65 and older.

March 13, 2017

More Electric Vehicles Are Coming. But Can Cities Power Them? >>
The gas and electric company in Spokane, Wash., is giving away electric car charging stations, at least temporarily, and cities across the country are watching to see how it goes.

Reading Parking Authority to Open Its Garages for City Residents >>
Reading residents are being given the opportunity to keep their cars clear of snow during the approaching storm and, at the same time, help out city plow crews.

Burlington's Private Downtown Lots Cause Public Confusion >>
A company has increased Burlington's downtown parking by opening six lots to the paying public — but some customers have been surprised to find out that the lots are privately operated and therefore exempt from municipal parking rules.

Transportation Report Estimates 7 Million Drivers Will Shift to Autonomous Vehicles in Three U.S. cities >>
A study by transportation, economics and urban planning experts has found that ridesharing and ridesourcing services using autonomous vehicles (AV) could shift millions of drivers away from personal cars in major U.S. cities.

March 12, 2017

A Call for Change as N.D. Lawmakers Target Parking-Meter Ban >>
When a farmer was ticketed for not feeding a parking meter, he launched a one-man crusade that made North Dakota the nation's only state that bans the meters on all public streets.

March 11, 2017

SXSW 2017: The Simple Lessons Reshaping the Cities and Cars of the Future >>
Some of the most interesting ideas you read today about transportation are topics the Connected Car Council -- and its network of automakers, entrepreneurs, technologists, mayors and policymakers -- have been talking about for years.

March 10, 2017

Bridgeport Says Delayed Parking Meter App Coming >>
It could be three weeks before drivers can use their mobile phones to feed the city’s new hi-tech meters and keep track of how much parking time they have left.

Designer Outlet Center Chooses Park Assist's M4 Smart-Sensor Parking Guidance System for the Largest Car Park in Netherlands >>
Park Assist will be installing its M4 camera-based parking guidance systems at the Designer Outlet Center’s new expansion project in Roermond, Netherlands.

Draft Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Guidelines Released >>
The Strategic Growth Council just released an update of draft guidelines for the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program. The AHSC receives funding from California’s cap-and-trade program and is one of the sources of state money for active transportation projects.

March 9, 2017

Middlebury Seeks Tax Privileges: Special Tax Eyed for Parking Garage >>
The town of Middlebury is joining a lobbying effort in Montpelier to lift the state’s current cap on the number of towns that can use Tax Increment Financing, or TIF, as a way of bankrolling improvements to public infrastructure.

State Regulators Hint EV Charging Stations Should Be Left to Private Marketplace, Not Utilities >>
Last fall, Ameren Missouri’s push to install electric vehicle charging stations from St. Louis to Jefferson City hit a snag when state regulators at the Missouri Public Service Commission questioned whether they even had jurisdiction over the new technology. The launching of Ameren’s project has since been postponed while waiting for the commission to come up with an answer.

INRIX Identifies Top 10 U.S. Cities for Highly Autonomous Vehicles >>
The deployment of highly autonomous vehicles (HAVs) is expected to deliver substantial benefits: reduced traffic congestion, decreased emissions, lower-cost of mobility and safer travel.

GE’s $30 Million Streetlamp Upgrade Illuminates the Rewards And Risks of Smart Cities >>
Thousands of new “smart” streetlights to be rolled out across the city of San Diego will be connected to a city-wide network, allowing officials to adjust their brightness and detect outages from afar. But in addition to giving off light, they will also be pulling in information about what’s going on around them.

March 8, 2017

Towne Park Announces Strategic Acquisition of CitiPark >>
Towne Park announced today that it has acquired CitiPark, a leading provider of hospitality and parking solutions for hotels, hospitals and special events with operations in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Fort Lauderdale Airport Adding Thousands of Parking Spaces, Raising Daily Parking Cost >>
Some big parking changes will take effect at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood international Airport that will cost you a little more, but help eliminate some congestion for those looking for a spot.

San Marcos City Council Working Toward Downtown Parking Solutions >>
San Marcos City Council directed staff on Tuesday night to move forward with four changes to the city’s downtown parking plans.

Auburn University Selects NuPark To Improve Parking Management Efficiency, Customer Service And To Create A More Sustainable Campus >>
NuPark, the leading provider of smart parking management solutions, has been awarded a contract to provide automated parking management and enforcement for Auburn University.

Survey: Most Americans Afraid to Ride In Self-Driving Cars >>
While few Americans feel comfortable taking a backseat in a fully self-driving vehicle, many would like some of the less-automated bells and whistles in their next car, a survey found.

March 7, 2017

How The IoT And Smart Cities Can Help Meet Sustainable Development Goals >>
By 2050, more than six billion people worldwide will live in cities, creating sustainability challenges on a huge scale. Many cities are already overcrowded, leading to transport and traffic congestion, and a strain on resources such as water, energy, and safe housing.

March 6, 2017

Intelligent Parking Solution Based on NB-IoT Technology >>
The rapid expansion of urban areas and fast growth of motor vehicle ownership is placing parking difficulties at the forefront of society's attention. Against the background of everything going smart, an intelligent transformation of parking lots has proven an effective way of addressing this issue.

State Plans 450 New Electric Car Charging Stations >>
The state is spearheading installation of 450 new charging stations for electric cars in the Capital Region and across the state as part of a goal to reduce climate-changing emissions of greenhouse gases, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday.

UAH Considering Changes to On-Campus Parking >>
It's an issue every college faces at one point or another - providing enough parking spots for their students.

Construction Starts On Solar Carports At Michigan State University >>
The project entails the installation of solar carports at five different parking lots across campus, and MSU says the carports will generate more than 15,000 MWh of power per year – about 5% of the electricity used on campus annually.

March 5, 2017

A Tale of Three Cities >>
Smarter approaches to parking boost revenue and facilitate economic development.

March 3, 2017

Patience Expired with Bridgeport’s New Parking Meters >>
Downtown merchants have long-wanted modern parking meters that offered visitors the convenience of paying with credit or debit cards, not just rolls of quarters.

The Future Of Parking Taps Now >>
Mobile point of sale is now being touted as one of the great re-inventors of the parking experience itself.

March 2, 2017

Smart Parking Launches New SmartSpot Gateway Solution >>
Smart Parking presents its newly designed SmartSpot IoT Gateway, with new and improved features adapted to meet the needs of smart city operators - making it today’s most flexible gateway in the smart parking market.

Autonomous Vehicles, Traffic, Economic Incentives Top City Council Agenda >>
Here is a look at some of the items topping Thursday’s Austin City Council agenda.

March 1, 2017

Chicago Pushes Charging Stations as Electric Car Sales Rise in Illinois >>
Illinois set a high mark for electric vehicle sales in 2016, and Chicago hopes increased demand delivers a new batch of electric car charging stations throughout the region.

Our Cars Will Soon Talk To Each Other: Vehicle-To-Infrastructure Communication >>
In the automotive industry technology transforms and evolves at a frighteningly quick pace, and if any recent projections are to come to fruition we will see plenty more amazing innovations in years to come.

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