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Off-Airport Shuttles are Mobile Billboards

In any business, one’s brand is the most important piece to define a company to current and potential customers. How the public views an operation can easily make or break a business. Read more >>

Off-Airport Parking: A Matter of Consistent Service and Marketing

Where do you park when traveling by air? For a number of years, I have been using the services of an off-airport parking operation. In the past, I would always park as close to the terminal as possible, or I would have someone drop me off and pick me up. Read more >>

Perfect Storm Hits Off-Airport Parking Operators

The hurricane season may be over, but shuttle-based parking operations are facing a new perfect storm of a softening economy and higher energy prices. In response, off-airport parking operators are tightening their belts and applying creative solutions to these business challenges. Read more >>

Paying a Fair Share: Airports and Off-Airport Operators Collide, Collaborate Over Airport Access Fees

Airports and off-airport parking operators have often had an uneasy but symbiotic relationship. Airports create parking demand for off-airport operators. Off-airports sometimes feature price points and service products that complement an airport’s offerings and help provide an overall positive flying experience for the customer. Read more >>

How-To Guides

Implement Hassle-free Technology to Ease Travel Headaches

Air travel is rarely a stress-free experience for anyone, therefore its important for airport parking operations to make parking a non-event—that means taking advantage of any increased convenience or customer service opportunity amongst growing trends that should help ensure that the first part of their air travel is calm. Read more >>

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