January 2018 Parking Magazine
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January 2018

The Rise of the Shared Economy and Future of Parking Assets

Transportation Demand Management is a popular buzz phrase among those in the parking industry. With the increased use of bikes, transportation network companies, mass transit and the advent of autonomous vehicles, parking professionals are buzzing about how best to manage the shifting landscape. Read Article

The Future of Parking: Mobility Centers

A new building for vehicle storage will soon grow out of our urban centers. These buildings will take on an exciting and distinct form. It will require a new business model and a fresh outward appearance, as well as a concurrent commitment to technology and innovative concepts for customer engagement. No, it’s not your father’s parking garage. It’s the mobility center. Read Article

Robotic Parking Hubs: Coming to a Town Near You

Mechanization, computers and robotics have revolutionized agriculture and auto making. Yet, the parking industry has stubbornly resisted this commoditization, perhaps due in part to the idea that “all parking is local.” Millions of individual customers make their respective parking decisions from a wide menu of variables, including price, destination proximity and perks—such as better security or valet service. Read Article

Autonomous Vehicles: Research, Planning and Perspectives on the Future of Parking Demand

Mention autonomous vehicles to those within the parking industry and you’ll find it’s a hot topic that can bring both excitement and disgust to a conversation. What is generally debated is the currently available research and how to use it to plan transit environments accordingly. Read Article

Public Practices

Transit Parking Innovates For Future of Transportation

Read Article

Smart Marketing

Drive People To Your Gate with Waze

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Parking Know-How

Managing Parking as a Business

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Legal Matters

Protect Your Intellectual Property

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Tech Trends

Bitcoin: Parking Payment of the Future

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Greener Parking

Sustainable Parking Goes To College

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Executive Perspective

Greg Hatfield, president, Landmark Parking

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