NPA Parking Consultants Council Disciplines
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Parking Consultants

The work performed must reflect a high degree of professionalism and proficiency.  References and details of work performed from several clients shall be provided as part of the application process.


Category 1: Planning and Studies

This discipline includes determining the need for parking (on-street or off-street) and how best to address parking needs. The work often involves exploring options to best utilize existing parking assets; evaluating sites for new parking; determining preferred locations for new facilities; and calculating preliminary project economics for new parking projects. In addition, this discipline includes master planning for higher education and medical campuses; government entities; aviation centers; and other developments.

Category 2: Economic Feasibility

This discipline involves developing economic feasibility or market analysis for parking projects. It includes services related to bond issuance; development of complex financing strategies; purchase/leasing option analyses; air-rights developments; due diligence assignments, and similar economic analyses.

Category 3: Architectural Services

This discipline includes professional design services for parking facilities from preliminary studies, design documents, material selection, construction documents, contract bidding/negotiations, to construction administration. It also includes zoning, building code, and land use compliance for projects.

Category 4: Engineering Services

This discipline includes professional engineering of parking facilities including automated parking structures or components of a parking facility. Engineering services may also include construction administration, material testing, value engineering, maintenance planning, and post-construction observations.

Category 5: Restoration Engineering

This discipline concentrates on evaluating and restoring existing parking facilities. It includes redesign of existing facilities; visual condition assessments; structural analyses; material testing; life/cycle cost analyses; preparation of repair specifications and documents; and construction administration services during renovations/repairs.

Category 6: Functional Design & Graphics Programming

This discipline involves planning for the safe movement of people and vehicles within and adjacent to parking facilities. The work involves calculating parking geometrics (stall size, internal circulation, etc.); traffic impacts; ADA compliance; way finding; quantity and location of parking equipment; and connectivity to adjacent roadways, sidewalks, destinations, and/or other transportation modes.

Category 7: Safety and Security

This discipline involves planning for the reasonable safety of persons and property in and adjacent to parking facilities. Work includes evaluating lighting levels and fixtures; conducting safety and/or security audits; determining audio/video equipment, smoke/heat detectors, CO monitoring equipment, and related safety/security equipment and their use.

Category 8: Access & Revenue Control

This discipline involves work associated with vehicular ingress and egress as well as parking revenue collection, processing, and reconciliation. It includes matching the owner’s requirements with available equipment; reviewing existing systems; preparation of equipment specifications; equipment bid reviews; equipment testing; and various types of audits of revenue generating activities for both off-street and on-street facilities.

Category 9: Operations

This discipline includes providing consulting assistance for the day-to-day operation of parking facilities or parking systems. It includes services such as determining appropriate organizational structure; staffing levels and scheduling; development of manuals and maintenance requirements; training employees; employee recruitment; performance analyses; examination of parking enforcement programs (ticket issuance, equipment, fines, collection, adjudication); evaluating in-house and outsource operation options; providing assistance in the selection of an operator; review and/or development of contract management agreements; and evaluation of service delivery.

Category 10: Expert Witness & Research Services

This discipline includes work performed at the request of the legal and/or educational professions. For the legal profession, work may involve providing expert witness testimony on parking-related subjects; offering oral or written opinions; supplying advice, analyses, depositions; and other similar services requested by a client. For the educational field, work essentially involves conducting independent research related to a specific parking project as part of an effort to enhance the parking profession.

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