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Hospitals Continue to Integrate Parking Technology to Improve Patient Experience

It is an immutable fact that many Baby Boomers are well on their way into retirement. Many will live well into their 80s and 90s—and one hopes that they are indeed well. Read more >>

Right This Way: Parking Guidance Systems Key to Enhancing Customer Service

Car trip planning is becoming faster, easier and more convenient. Brilliant, new parking-related technologies are coming on line at a dizzying pace. An app here, a widget there; yet somehow the whole experience still seems less than the sum of the pieces. However, the widespread adoption of the parking guidance system (PGS) may prove central to the successful integration of all these exciting technologies. Read more >>

Is LPR For You?

Nearly 10 years ago, license plate recognition (LPR) got a bit of a bad rap for low read rate percentages—around 90 percent. Ten percent is a great deal of missed plates and parking companies wouldn’t want their businesses based solely on this technology. Read more >>

Automated Parking is Critical to Smart Cities

Just what are the objectives of a “smart city”? In September 2015, the White House issued a fact sheet entitled “Administration Announces New ‘Smart Cities’ Initiative to Help Communities Tackle Local Challenges and Improve City Services,” and promised $160 million in funding. Read more >>

Smarter Cities Rely on Smarter Parking

There’s a revolution underway to make U.S. cities “smart,” and the high-tech transportation industry is leading the charge. Many more municipalities are teaming up with private sector companies and research firms to combine advancements in data analytics and digital commerce. Those advancements are applied to parking to help cities redefine mobility, reduce congestion and improve quality of life. Read more >>

Big Parking Data: A Critical Piece of the Puzzle

‘Big data’ is a hot topic across industries, so what about big data in parking? The advent of smart parking systems that capture granular occupancy data have opened the door to new possibilities for resource efficiency, which can lead to revenue gain and economic benefits. Read more >>

The Future of Green Parking: Benefits Abound for Parking Professionals, Drivers and the Environment

Drivers and parking professionals alike are employing parking standards and strategies that play an important role in determining the quality of the environment in cities across the globe. They each demand fresh thinking on technological advances to park cars more efficiently and help drivers pay on the go, along with energy reducing strategies that impact parking structures and garages. Read more >>

Parking Tech: The Critical Foundation of Your Sustainability Strategy

Conservation, efficiency and sustainability are key pillars to the health and longevity of our planet. Taking a holistic approach to sustainability requires change at the industry level, improving efficiencies across all platforms and processes; doing more with less, and creating opportunities in the process. Read more >>

The “Risks” versus Reality: Mobile Marketing Changes Parking

For people who are passionate about technology, it’s an exciting time to be a part of the parking industry. The industry is flush with burgeoning technologies promising to innovate and revolutionize the parking experience. Some of these technologies work well with a parking operator’s existing business and infrastructure, while others attempt to circumvent them completely. Read more >>

Tech Trends to Better Anticipate Future Revenue Control Needs

Since the majority of us use technology on a daily basis in order to conduct business, we generally believe that technology will continue to bring us new capabilities, on a decreasing price curve. That has been the collective experience over the last 30 years and shows no signs of changing. Read more >>

Apple Pay Could Change the Game

Since the inception of smartphones, many industries, including parking, have explored the evolution of mobile payments and how it affects the way operations conduct business. Read more >>

4 Ways on-Street Meter Technology Has Evolved for Speed and Service

With all the on-street technology advances of the past 10 years, parking is starting to look like a Silicon Valley superstar. Read more >>

Securing Your Parking Equipment: Wireless technology enables electronic access control

Traditionally, parking equipment, including single-space meters, multi-space meters and pay-on-foot machines, has been secured by mechanical locks and keys. Read more >>

Connected Parking for L.A.'s Busy Streets: Parking Management Revolutionized by Technology

L.A. is legendary for its traffic, but few drivers realize when they are fighting to make their way through busy surface streets that, four stories underground, engineers from the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) are their closest allies. Read more >>

Should Your Business Go Cashless?

In today’s economy, society is increasingly leaning toward cashless electronic transactions for business and personal purchases of all sizes. The trend seems here to stay, because of convenience and acceptance by the public, and because electronic transactions bring the cost of business down. Read more >>

Growing the Business with

Over the past five years, Impark has consistently achieved its growth related goals, yielding for the company both the desired financial results and a well balanced portfolio across the enterprise. This growth is the result of a focused strategy with goals and associated initiatives that refresh each year. Read more >>

New High-Tech Smart Meters Manage 90,000 Spaces in New York City

At the start of 2011, New York City offered citizens more than 35,000 parking spaces controlled by multi-space meters. Another 50,000 spaces were controlled by cash only, single space meters (SS). Read more >>

Parking Industry Slow to Embrace the Cloud

In parking, we find that most data creation comes from systems interfaces, electronic transactions, and sensor data. And how is our data used? Mining for trends, graphical presentation, and looking up the history of a customer or event. Read more >>

There’s Nothing Obscure about Parking Data Security

As an IT professional starting my career in the parking industry more than five years ago, I was immediately surprised at just how much technology goes into parking. Read more >>

Money to Meter: Trends in Payment Technology

Technology continues to augment the way financial transactions happen, including parking transactions. Pay-by-cell, mobile wallets, EMV and NFC are reshaping the future of the payment industry in the United States. Parking professionals need to be aware of and understand these changes. Read more >>

Embrace the Change: The Parking Revolution is Here

With the growing integration of technology into everything from mapping to networking to paying for a cup of Starbucks, companies across the spectrum are learning how to leverage data to improve the customer experience, build loyalty and increase sales. Read more >>

How-To Guides

Leverage Technology to Eliminate Shrinkage in Event Parking

The parking industry is embracing technology. There’s pay-by-phone, license plate recognition, web-based pre-bookings and mobile apps that find parking spots, reserve parking, hail a ride or summon a valet. But event parking, for the most part, still clings on to its aprons and ticket rolls. Some would say for good reason. Read more >>

8 Ways Online Reservations Generate More Revenue & Keep Your Finances Secure

When we think about revenue control in the parking industry, we inevitably think about hardware and the PARCS systems that have been around for more than 20 years. Traditional parking technology still plays a key role in keeping your finances secure. However, the more recent arrival of online parking reservations has added new options not only for how you manage your finances, but also for driving additional revenue. Read more >>

High-Tech Travel Tips for Parking Pros on the Road

Are you traveling more, yet enjoying it less? Well, you’re not alone. The good news is there’s a wide availability of travel-related tools and technology that can make business travel a little less stressful on your nervous system—and your operation’s bank account. Here are some tools you can use to make your next trip less taxing and more efficient. Read more >>

Follow These Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Software and Hardware Upgrade

When the time comes for you to upgrade your system, there are common challenges that are easily avoidable, as well as some best practices that will ease your transition—but they take some awareness and planning. Here are some of the "dos” and "don’ts” for system upgrades. Read more >>

How to Develop Technology Plans for the Future

Technology evolves at ever accelerating speed, so a technology plan equals a plan for change. That is the approach we take when we develop technology plans at T2, and when we think about technology solutions parking professionals will need in the future to put them on a product roadmap for success. Read more >>

Case Studies

Testing Parking Technology to Reduce Gridlock in the Nation’s Capital: Washington, DC DOT and Xerox Take an ‘Asset-Lite’ Approach to Balance Parking Supply and Demand

Cities around the world are grappling with how to manage traffic congestion. Factors such as urbanization, economic growth and low gasoline prices are perpetuating this trend. The nexus between curbside congestion and roadway congestion in an urban area is now well established. Read more >>

City Park and Automated Valet Team Up for Automatic SuccessCity Park and Automated Valet Team Up for Automatic Success

Good technology, sound revenue control and careful hiring give City Park the tools to operate its garages at a standard that impresses clients and customers. Read more >>

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